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Provocative expressions

I think we can all agree that the human body is a work of art in itself. It has an amazing ability to communicate and express our feelings from subtle facial expressions to powerful attitudes with the body - the specter of human expression is large and quite intriguing to explore.

I hope my images provoke some feelings in you...

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Art & Body

Kenneth Svendlund
- fashion and art photogra­pher based in Barcelona

Since my early teenage years, I've had a strong passion for photography. However, for years my professional life took me in other directions and I've had a long good career in the information technology sector.

After relocating to Barcelona from Denmark, photography has once again taken the front seat in my life and I'm pursuing the art of creating images with great passion and energy.

My focus is mostly within fashion and art photography, but occasionally I stray into other fields if a unique idea or concept catches my interest.

About Kenneth Svendlund

"My next photo is always going to be my best one"

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  • Barcelona, Spain

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