A collection of beautiful girls

Aisha Ba by Kenneth Svendlund

Aisha Ba

I've had the pleasure to work with beautiful Senegalese model Aisha Ba a couple of times. Besides being a great model Aisha is wonderful and a lot of fun to work with.
Ari by Kenneth Svendlund


Ari's natural beauty speaks for itself and her love for modeling is obvious when you are on set. She is very creative, expressive and works hard to create the best image. I have shot with Ari several times already and I'm sure we will do more images together in the future.
Ariadna Navarro by Kenneth Svendlund

Ariadna Navarro

Ariadna is wonderful to work with. Her natural beauty and her elegant body language make great images - simple as that. We worked together several times and more to come in the future for sure.
Aroa Alcalá by Kenneth Svendlund

Aroa Alcalá

Aroa came for a test shoot in my Castelldefels studio recently. We had a lot of fun and created some great images.
Beki by Kenneth Svendlund


Beki came for a test shoot in my Castelldefels studio recently. Great day with an amazing model.
Belén Dávila by Kenneth Svendlund

Belén Dávila

Belén is a super active model and I enjoyed working with her doing different casual fashion and art style images.
Camila Castro by Kenneth Svendlund

Camila Castro

Camila and I was in contact a couple of years ago but just recently managed to do out first shoot. Camila's Cuban roots, beautiful look and strong energy makes a great combination for creating amazing images. The second shoot was just a couple of weeks after the first and more have already been planned.
Chiara Bianchino by Kenneth Svendlund

Chiara Bianchino

Chiara Bianchino is an amazingly talented model. I worked with Chiara several times when she has been visiting Barcelona.
Eugènia Piqué by Kenneth Svendlund

Eugènia Piqué

Test shoot with model Eugènia Piqué
Fatima by Kenneth Svendlund


Fatima came for a test shoot in my Castelldefels studio recently. Great day with an amazing model and next shoot is already in the planning...
Lena Meraki by Kenneth Svendlund

Lena Meraki

Lena came for a test shoot in my Castelldefels studio recently. Great day with an amazing model.
Merxe Puig by Kenneth Svendlund

Merxe Puig

I enjoyed working with Merxe very much. She has a sweet beautiful look and an amazing physique. Looking forward to work with Merxe again soon,so come back and see more images of Merxe.
Nilka Luna by Kenneth Svendlund

Nilka Luna

I really enjoy working with Nilka, she has a great sense for creating beautiful and interesting poses. We live quite close to each other south of Barcelona and more shoot are planned already.
Rebeca Fueyo by Kenneth Svendlund

Rebeca Fueyo

Rebeca Fueyo is one of the first models I worked with and we continue to shoot at least a couple of times a year when her traveling permits. Rebeca is an amazing model and a very talented clothes designer.
Simone Hoej by Kenneth Svendlund

Simone Hoej

I met fellow Dane Simone Hoej in Barcelona where we both live. Simone is a passionate triathlete and we decided to do a photoshoot.
Vivien Sandra by Kenneth Svendlund

Vivien Sandra

Vivien is an amazing multi-talented Artist, Singer, Song Writer, and Actress from Tanzania. We have had a couple of really fun days in my studios shooting expression Art and Fashion images.
Xihui Z by Kenneth Svendlund

Xihui Z

Ethnic Chinese Xihui Z have her roots in Germany but are currently residing in Spain. Xihui is a great and very creative model to work with.
Yuliya Herrera by Kenneth Svendlund

Yuliya Herrera

Yuliya Herrera is a professional model with international experience from Poland, Belarus, Asia -China, and Spain. Her classic beauty makes her an excellent fit for Fashion and Beauty photography. I've worked with Yuliya a few times but sure I'll be working with her again for other fashion assignments in the future.

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